Shareware and Freeware for the HP Palmtop PCs

Being very dedicated to the HP Palmtops, we have created a couple of software titles which we released as Shareware (try before you buy) or even Freeware. A listing of this software can be found below. All programs are available for download from our Web server by clicking on the links below.

Please note that we are not able to provide extensive support for these products.


A small utility which can be used at the DOS prompt or in batch files to set a certain video and zoom mode. It can also be used to display the current modes. Freeware. Download


This program can be used at the DOS prompt or in batch files to set the timeout counter to any number of seconds, or to disable the timeout completely. It can also be used to enable and disable light sleep, a mode which puts the processor to sleep whenever input from the keyboard is expected, thus saving some power. All settings can also be displayed on the screen. Freeware. Download


This program is used to print data via the Infrared port to a HP 82240A or HP 82240B "Redeye" printer. The "SM" version is a fully System Manager compliant EXM program and prints the contents of the Clipboard or any text file. Download the new version which does portrait and landscape printing, or if you have problems with landscape then use the older version instead.

Both programs are now free for personal, non-commercial use. They can be registered by adding the following two lines at the end of your IR-Print configuration file c:\_dat\irprint.cnf:


The configuration file of the old version contains 4 lines, so the registration code is added in line 5 and 6. The configuration of the new version is 5 lines, and so the registration has to be added in line 6 and 7. Please don't forget to terminate both lines with CR/LF (just press Enter in your editor), otherwise it won't work.


This program does the same as IR-Print/SM, but it can be used from the command line instead, as well as in batch files and in own programs, to print any text file or direct keyboard input. The software is now free for private, non-commercial use, so either download the unregistered version or the registered version from our FTP server.

If you want to include infrared printing capabilities into programs you are developing, we can help you with a quiet version of IR-Print/DOS which you can launch directly from your program. Nobody will notice that this is a third party application... Site licenses are available.

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