HP Palmtop Repairs

We are pleased to announce that we are able to perform certain repairs on the HP 100LX and 200LX palmtops.

Depending on the availability of parts, we can replace broken displays, fix defective hinges, cases and keyboards, and repair damaged circuit boards.

The cost depends on the amount of work which is required and the number of parts which are replaced or repaired. Generally, the fee will be between € 60 and € 100, and it will never be higher than € 200.

In order to get a quote, please contact us with a detailed description of the defects you wish to have repaired.

And if you don't need your palmtop any more, we'll buy it - even if it's broken. Depending on the defect we pay up to € 75 for a broken machine and up to € 125 for a working one with all manuals. Please contact us by phone or email with a description of your palmtop.

Sending In Your Palmtop

Please make sure that you have a backup of the C: drive before you ship your palmtop to us. Remove any PCMCIA cards and power-on passwords, and leave the batteries in the machine. Pack up the palmtop properly in a padded box, include a letter with your address, the serial number of the palmtop, and the defects you wish to have repaired, and ship it to us with a courier like UPS or SHL, or any other trackable service. If you are living outside the European Community, please declare the package as “Defective Computer For Repair” with a very low value.

Timeframe For Repairs

We try to return repaired palmtops within 5 working days (plus shipping). Please contact us before sending your palmtop and schedule an appointment for the repair.

Legal Stuff

We have the right to refuse repairs if we, for example, don’t have spare parts for a particular defect. In that case we will contact you and either buy the defective palmtop from you or return the defective machine free of charge.


We grant a 90 day limited warranty for all repairs. If the repaired part of the palmtop fails within that time, we will replace it free of charge. This warranty does not cover shipping expenses or physical damage of the palmtop or the case.

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