PCMCIA Memory Cards

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Quick Tip: Memory cards
Flash cards are available in capacities of over 400 MByte. They don’t need any power to maintain their memory.
Compact Flash cards use the same technology as Flash cards in a smaller package. These cards work in the second card slot of the HP 320/360/620/690LX/Jornada 710/720/728, and other devices with Compact Flash slot, and they can be used just like a standard Flash card with the help of the CompactFlash adapter.
SRAM cards need a backup battery to maintain their contents. Write operations are a little bit faster than on flash cards, while read operations are almost equal on both card types.

Please note that we only list the physical capacity of our memory cards here. If you plan to use a disk compression program, like Stacker or Jam, you can roughly double the capacity of the cards.

SanDisk Flash Memory Cards

Sandisk Flash Memory CardPCMCIA 2.0 Type II cards for additional disk storage. The cards work in all HP Palmtop PCs (except the 95LX), HP OmniBooks and most other computers with a PCMCIA 2.0 Type II slot and card and socket services.

Memory cards with a capacity of more than 220 MB don’t work in the HP 200LX without special driver software.

Please note that we no longer offer PCMCIA cards with a capacity of less than 96MB. For such capacities, it is more economical to use one of the CompactFlash memory cards combined with a CompactFlash adapter.

SRAM Memory Cards

PCMCIA 1.0 Type 1 cards for additional disk storage. SRAM cards need a coin battery to maintain memory. This is also the only memory card which works in the HP 95LX.

SanDisk CompactFlash Memory Cards

The CompactFlash memory cards are much smaller than the regular PCMCIA 2.0 cards. They can be used in the second card slot of the HP 320/360/620LX in order to keep the other PCMCIA slot free for a modem card, for example. Also, many digital cameras support CompactFlash cards for storage.

The CompactFlash cards can be used in any PCMCIA 2.0 Type 1 card slot with the help of the CompactFlash adapter.

PCMCIA Harddisks

These devices are rotating hard disks, just like the hard disks which operate in desktop and notebook computers, but in a much smaller form factor. The IBM Microdrives are CompactFlash II devices which are compatible with many handhelds and digital cameras.

Unfortunately, the IBM Microdrives do not work in the HP 200LX palmtop.

Accurite DoubleSlot Expander

The DoubleSlot PC Card Expander is a PCMCIA card which ends in two PCMCIA sockets. This device allows using two PCMCIA cards in the single card slot of the HP Palmtop simultaneously, for example a memory card and the TransPC Parallel card with attached ZIP drive, or a memory card and a modem card.

The DoubleSlot Expander works in all HP Palmtops (except the 95LX and OmniGo 100), and most other computers which have a standard PCMCIA 2.0 card slot. The DoubleSlot Expander has not yet been tested in the Windows CE palmtops.

Stock #1077DoubleSlot ExpanderCompatibility: All
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