TechRAM/TechSpeed Installation Service

Installation of the memory and speed upgrades in your palmtop is available on request. If you want us to install the upgrade(s) in your palmtop, there are a few things to take care of:

  • We guarantee a turnaround time of two working days (usually we do even better than that) if you schedule an appointment for the installation with us in advance. Please contact us via phone or E-Mail. Do not just send the palmtop without having contacted us first if you want it back fast.
  • We recommend you send your palmtop with a courier service like UPS or DHL or similar to guarantee fast shipping.
  • Remove any PCMCIA cards, and make a backup of your C: drive before shipping your unit. We try to restore the contents of your C: drive before we ship the upgraded unit back, but we don't guarantee this.
  • Remove any password protection from the machine. We can't restore the C: drive if it is password protected.
  • Make sure that your palmtop is packaged properly. Wrap it into several layers of air bubble foil and put that into a box.
  • Put a letter into the box with all the details, like billing address, shipping address, E-Mail address, phone and fax numbers, credit card number and expiration date, serial number of your palmtop, the upgrades you wish to have installed,and the service you want us to use for returning the palmtop (currently, we can offer UPS Express, UPS Expedited and regular Air Mail).

By taking care of these issues you help us processing your palmtop properly and ensure the fastest possible turnaround time.

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