HP 200LX Palmtop PC

Data Sheet

The HP 200LX Palmtop is a very sophisticated and ultra-portable computer. It is also the heart of your "office-in-a-briefcase".

In addition to the built-in applications, the HP 200LX can run many "standard" DOS applications. An application must be able to run on an "IBM XT-Class" PC with no more than 640KB of system RAM required and a CGA monitor. Some programs which indicate that they require a hard drive may also run on the palmtop, however, you may need to purchase a memory card in such a case.

The built-in "System Manager" software allows you to switch among the built-in applications without waiting:

  • Appointment Book
  • Phone Book
  • Database Application
  • Notetaker
  • Memo Application with Outline capability
  • HP Calculator with optional RPN
  • Worldtime Application
  • Pocket Quicken
  • Lotus 1-2-3 Spreadsheet
  • System Macros

The System Manager also provides a clipboard for copying information from one application to another (for example, you can clip the name and phone number of someone in your phonebook, and paste it into the appointment book application to schedule a meeting.) When you see an add-in program that indicates that it is "System Manager Compliant" that tells you that the program will operate just like the built-in applications on the palmtop: allowing task switching and use of the clipboard. Programs such as our acCIS software for CompuServe, or EXP's MiniFax program are all examples of "System Manager Compliant" software.

Anyone who works with numbers will appreciate the numeric keypad at the right side of the keyboard. The HP Palmtops are unique in providing this feature. It allows for practical entry of numbers, which is not true of a row of numbers across the top of the keyboard, or for those "embedded keypads" which expect you to press the letter keys (on a slant, and not straight up-and-down.)

The HP 200LX is available with either 2MB or 4MB of RAM memory. Older models came with 1MB of memory. On all machines, the system RAM is limited to 640KB, with the remaining memory used as a "RAM disk" for storing programs and data files (such as your appointment book, phonebook, etc.) The built-in memory can be supplemented with flash or SRAM cards (or the combination modem/memory card by EXP ).

Also, the built-in memory can be upraded to up to 96 MByte internally by installing one of our TechRAM upgrades, and the clock speed can be doubled by installing the TechSpeed upgrade. Of course none of these upgrades have been approved by HP.

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