Cables, Adapters and other Accessories

AC adapters

The AC adapters power the palmtop, and - if rechargeable NiCd batteries are installed - even recharge the batteries. The cigarette adapter which is shown on the picture plugs into the cigarette lighter socket of your car (12V DC systems only) and powers and recharges your palmtop.

Note that the AC adapter (#409) only works with the HP 100LX and 200LX.

Stock #409AC adapter for GermanyCompatibility: HP 100/200LX
Stock #679Cigarette lighter adapterCompatibility: HP 100/200LX

Serial cables

The serial port of the HP palmtop uses a custom 10-pin connector. To connect the palmtop to another computer, you need the HP serial cable which has the special HP connector on one end and a 9-pin female connector on the other end. This can be plugged directly into any desktop computer. To connect the palmtop to a modem, a serial printer or other serial devices, you need to use a “null-modem” adapter between the 9-pin connector of the HP cable and the serial device. These adapters are contained in the “Serial adapter kit” which is described in detail in the “General Accessories” section.

Alternatively, the short serial cable can be used to connect to a modem or other serial devices directly, without adding a nullmodem adapter.

The unterminated cable is about 20 cm long and has the HP 100/200LX connector on one end, and no connector on the other end.

Users of the HP 95LX: Please call, we have adapters which convert the HP 100/200LX cable to the HP 95LX connector.

Stock #410HP serial cableCompatibility: HP 100/200/700LX, OmniGo 100/120
Stock #1098HP serial cable, 5 cm short, 1:1Compatibility: HP 100/200/700LX, OmniGo 100/120
Stock #712Unterminated serial cableCompatibility: HP 100/200/700LX, OmniGo 100/120

Palmtop Maintenance Kit

The Palmtop Maintenance Kit contains a selection of spare parts which usually break or are lost:

  • 4 rubber feet,
  • 1 battery door,
  • 1 IR port cover,
  • 1 backup battery tray,
  • 2 hinge caps, and
  • 1 nameplate.
Stock #1122Palmtop Maintenance kitCompatibility: HP 100/200LX, partly HP 95/700LX and OmniGo 100/120

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