acCIS 4.0 CompuServe Navigator

acCIS 4: Your Palmtop Access To The World

Now you can have the world of electronic communications in the palm of your hand with acCIS and CompuServe. acCIS automatically uploads and downloads messages quickly. You can read and write messages offline, saving on connect charges and phone bills. acCIS is the only CompuServe access program that is designed specifically for your HP Palmtop computer.

After more than 1 year of development and an extensive beta test, we are very proud to announce that acCIS 4.0, the new version of our CompuServe Navigator for the HP Pamtop PCs, has now been released.

The features of acCIS (features which are new in acCIS 4.0 are printed in italics):

  • Exchange Electronic Mail with any member of CompuServe, with any Internet user as well as with users of many other Online services.
  • Access CompuServe forums and communicate with people around the world on almost any topic.
  • Download software directly to your Palmtop.
  • acCIS 4.0 supports the HMI protocol for communications with CompuServe. As this is a binary protocol with error checking, communications will be much more reliable than with acCIS 3.1.
  • acCIS 4.0 supports the "NewMail" Mail system which was recently introduced by CompuServe and which must be used by everyone who wants to register and use a personal address.
  • For travellers, acCIS 4.0 comes with ready-to-use login scripts for all known networks which offer gateways to CompuServe, for example Infonet, Tymnet, Datex-J, Fenics, and many more.
  • acCIS 4.0 has a new graphical user-interface with the look and feel of the built-in applications, and is much more intuitive to use and much easier to learn than acCIS 3.1.
  • Outgoing messages can be edited easily at any time, even after they have been sent, and any message can be scheduled for resend.
  • Binary files, for example spreadsheets, may be sent via E-Mail to any address.
  • Support for forum library catalogs, as well as downloads and uploads to the forum library.
  • The powerful folder concept of acCIS 4.0 makes it very easy to store messages by topic.
  • User-friendly, interactive setup program for the configuraion of user data like CompuServe ID and Password, modem and phone parameters, etc.
  • Completely automatic online configuration without the need for user intervention at any time, including automatic joining and setup of forums.
  • Plus many more new features...

The acCIS 4 main screen, which displays the list of forums and folders, is the main control center for all tasks:

The message reader offers a new mode, the so-called 'list view', which lists all the messages line by line, with the name of the sender, the date the message was sent, and the subject line. This 'browse' mode can be used to quickly find interesting messages by simply looking at the subject.

To read the contents of any given message, highlight it and press Enter:

Setting up acCIS 4 is very simple and user-friendly. The acCIS Setup program can be used intuitively. Below is a screenshot of the phone and modem setup. Note that support for all intermediate networks which offer a gateway to CompuServe is already built in, and using such a network is as simple as selecting its name from a dropdown menu.

Attention acCIS 4.0 users: Maintenance Upgrades

Unfortunately, after releasing acCIS 4.0 we noticed a few bugs in the acCIS 4.0 Online module. The problems are not very serious, but nevertheless we decided to make a maintenance release available to all users of acCIS 4.0.

To check whether you need the upgrade, please launch the Online module and check the screen. The first line on the screen shows the version number of the Online module. If it says acCIS 4.0d Online (note the letter 'd') you already have the latest version, otherwise you should download the new version (127 kBytes compressed) by clicking here.

You should also download the lastest version of the acCIS 4.0 help file (37 kBytes compressed, last updated 29-Dec-1998) by clicking here. The new help file contains lots of additional information about using and enhancing acCIS 4.0. We recently added new sections about faxing via CompuServe, and using the SwapCard feature which allows palmtop users to install acCIS 4.0 on a memory card and still use a PCMCIA modem card to log on to CompuServe.

Also, if you are travelling and need to connect to CompuServe through other networks, we recommend you download the latest login scripts (26kBytes compressed, last updated 26-Oct-1998) by clicking here. The login script update contains new scripts for Arg-Net (Argentina), Fenics-IV (Japan), National (France), UUNet (Germany) and several others. Please read the file scripts.doc, included in the archive, for instructions.

The files are stored as ZIP archives. To install them after download, copy the ZIP files and into your acCIS 4.0 directory and unzip them. This will replace the old, currently installed versions of those files with the new versions, and after that you can delete the ZIP files from the acCIS 4.0 directory.

If you are unfamiliar with ZIP files, you may download the uncompressed versions of the upgrade files via FTP: and

Following is a list of enhancements and bug fixes in acCIS 4.0d Online, compared to version 4.0c:

  • Improved checking for invalid filenames in binary mail.
  • The INTERNET: gateway specification will be automatically added to Internet addresses (recognized by the existence of '@' somewhere in the address). The address must be separated from the name by at least one blank.

Following is a list of enhancements and bug fixes in acCIS 4.0c Online, compared to version 4.0b:

  • Stock quotes can now be downloaded either in list mode (one single message for all quotes) or in the usual way (one message per quote). The former is much easier to load into Lotus 1-2-3 or other spreadsheets for further processing.
  • Online is now able to download files from the forum library even if the file size is reported incorrectly from the CompuServe hosts.
  • Unspecified user names are no longer reported as "(null)" but as "(unknown)".

Following is a list of enhancements and bug fixes in acCIS 4.0b Online, compared to version 4.0a:

  • Binary messages are now no longer deleted from CompuServe if binary downloads are disabled, or disk space is not sufficient to download the binary file.
  • Online is now able to download files from the forum library even if they have been uploaded with the file type specification "unspecified", which results in a wrong file size report from the host.
  • The Esc key can no longer be used to abort a session (use Ctrl-X instead), so that Esc is now a valid key in Terminal Emulation.
  • In binary mail, Online now sends the filename without terminating CRLF sequence, which resulted in problems when the file was downloaded with certain offline navigators.

Following is a list of enhancements and bug fixes in acCIS 4.0a Online, compared to version 4.0:

  • Online now processes Stock Quotes ticker symbols with embedded spaces; for example "DJ 30" is now a valid ticker symbol. In acCIS Setup, Ticker symbols must now be separated with commas instead of spaces.
  • A nasty bug which caused the Online module to crash while uploading long messages, or to resend outgoing messages endlessly, has been located and fixed.
  • Incoming mail messages can now be skipped or deleted during download, without the need to complete the download first. To skip a message while it is downloaded, leaving it on CompuServe to be downloaded again during the next online run, simply press the 's' key. To skip the message and delete it from CompuServe (ideal for junk mail), press the 'd' key.
  • The SwapCard feature has been improved and is now properly documented in the new version of the acCIS Help folder. Please follow the link above in order to downloaded the new help file.

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