Advanced Battery Charging System

One of the great features of the HP Palmtop is the ability to recharge batteries directly in the unit. However, the charging algorithm is not very sophisticated. The palmtop simply charges for 6 hours every time you enable charging (or plug in the AC adapter when charging is enabled), and it trickle charges continuously thereafter.

ABC/LX adds intelligence to battery charging on the palmtop, plus it provides excellent information about battery conditions and charging.

ABC/LX allows you to simply forget about the batteries. You can plug in the AC adapter at any time. If the batteries are low, ABC/LX automatically enables charging. When the batteries are full, charging is disabled. It's that easy! Of course you have the option to also adjust settings and monitor performance if you wish.

ABC/LX can be configured to automatically stop charging whenever any one of the following conditions are met:

  • The voltage reaches a specified maximum limit.
  • The voltage stops rising for a specified period of time.
  • The voltage begins to fall.
  • The charge time reaches a defined limit.

ABC/LX can also chart the progress of charging by plotting the voltage level over time.

All this functionality comes in a TSR that is only 2KB in size plus an optional 40KB DOS program for charting and adjusting the parameters.

ABC/LX is copyrighted freeware since October 1, 2001, and can be downloaded from

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